Why Relocate to the Pacific Northwest

Take a look at the Seattle Administrative Center Working in Seattle at Virginia Mason offers the best for professional and personal fulfillment.  Seattle offers a wealth of art, music, fine dining, shopping, and outdoor activities, all within walking distance from our main campus.  Within an hour’s drive, you can reach mountains for hiking and skiing, beaches for relaxing, and weekend getaways to suit every taste.

​​​​​​​If you are considering relocating to the Pacific Northwest, look no further than the wonderful city of Seattle. Floating bridges, revolving restaurants, and an underground city separate Seattle from most other cities in the country. Nestled between the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges along Puget Sound, Seattle is the perfect location for a balanced lifestyle. A vibrant and sophisticated city centered on an energetic culture, thriving economy and diverse entertainment, Seattle consists of over 100 distinct neighborhoods-each possessing an identity, character, and flavor all its own.
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Relocate to Seattle Area
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